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*Changes in legislation mean some claims are no longer permitted on any food or drink sold in UK or Europe. In providing information about these claims it is not our intention to imply that Burgen bread can provide these benefits, but simply to illustrate the history of the Burgen brand.

About Us

The Burgen Story

1997 – Burgen launches in the UK

The story of Burgen in the UK began with a single product launch: Burgen Soya & Linseed was first introduced in 1997 with a flurry of press stories about the benefits of soya for women’s health*. Lauded as 'Sheila’s loaf' the Australian recipe that inspired it gave the headline writers a field day.

2004 – Burgen focuses on natural well-being*

By 2004 there were three products in the range, Burgen Hi-Bran and Burgen Cholessterol had joined Soya & Linseed.

2006 – Burgen introduces Wholegrain & Cranberry

In 2006, Burgen introduced Wholegrain & Cranberry as a tasty way to enjoy the heart health benefits of whole grain*. Meanwhile advertising for Burgen's Soya & Linseed started to promote the benefit of being 'low GI'*; a delicious way to feel fuller for longer.


As more and more people embrace the importance of a healthy lifestyle, Burgen has broadened its appeal through a range of delicious breads with some new health benefits: