Conservation Grade

At Burgen, we believe it’s important to look after nature. That’s why we are growing wheat on Conservation Grade™ accredited Nature Friendly Farms to help British wildlife thrive.

Conservation Grade™ is a scheme that encourages forward-thinking farmers to help restore sustainability to commercial farming. Through the adoption of Nature Friendly Farming techniques and by giving over 10% of their land to create and manage a range of wildlife habitats, they achieve ecological sustainability and help protect biodiversity without affecting their productivity or crop yields.

Nature Friendly Farms are typically home to five times more wildlife than conventional farms, including birds, butterflies and bees. By eating Burgen bread not only can you be sure that you’re choosing a deliciously healthy bread, you’re also helping to conserve British wildlife.

If you’d like to find out more information about Conservation Grade please visit their website

Conversation grade nature friendly farming
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